I'm done with not being able to exercise. I just got done with 3 months of very little to no exercise due to SI joint injuries, then a stress fracture in my foot. I have been exercising again for about 3 weeks; I used the first week to slowly get back into my routine, then the last 2 weeks were every week day exercise of AMRAPs of various exercises. On the last day of the last week, which was this past Friday, I was on my way out the door to go to the gym. I bent over to pick something up and POP!...a muscle in my lower back/hip area let me know I'd done something stupid.

I went to the doc and was told to rest, ice, heat and take ibuprofen for a few days. I did all that for the day on Friday and yesterday. By last night it was feeling much better. I could walk, lift my leg a little and not cry when I maneuvered my way into bed. But this morning at around 5am I woke up and was in serious pain. I took ibu and went back to sleep. I felt ok when I woke up and decided to load the dishwasher. I bent down (carefully, I thought) and POP!...there went the same muscle. And this time it was so much worse.

And now I'm back in the no exercise that I know of place that I don't want to be. I was SO proud of myself for getting back into it and going every day. I don't want to get out that routine, but at this point, even walking hurts. Are there any exercises I can do that won't further damage my back? And also, what can I do to avoid injuries like this in the future? Are there specific exercises I can do to help the muscles that are right at the hip area of the back?