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Thread: Pulled lower back muscle...are there exercises I can do?

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    Pulled lower back muscle...are there exercises I can do?

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    I'm done with not being able to exercise. I just got done with 3 months of very little to no exercise due to SI joint injuries, then a stress fracture in my foot. I have been exercising again for about 3 weeks; I used the first week to slowly get back into my routine, then the last 2 weeks were every week day exercise of AMRAPs of various exercises. On the last day of the last week, which was this past Friday, I was on my way out the door to go to the gym. I bent over to pick something up and POP!...a muscle in my lower back/hip area let me know I'd done something stupid.

    I went to the doc and was told to rest, ice, heat and take ibuprofen for a few days. I did all that for the day on Friday and yesterday. By last night it was feeling much better. I could walk, lift my leg a little and not cry when I maneuvered my way into bed. But this morning at around 5am I woke up and was in serious pain. I took ibu and went back to sleep. I felt ok when I woke up and decided to load the dishwasher. I bent down (carefully, I thought) and POP!...there went the same muscle. And this time it was so much worse.

    And now I'm back in the no exercise that I know of place that I don't want to be. I was SO proud of myself for getting back into it and going every day. I don't want to get out that routine, but at this point, even walking hurts. Are there any exercises I can do that won't further damage my back? And also, what can I do to avoid injuries like this in the future? Are there specific exercises I can do to help the muscles that are right at the hip area of the back?

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    Step one: Quit bending. Squat!!!
    Step two: Move, even if it hurts. Walk. Do very gentle core. Lay on your stomach on the floor and lift your head. Then lift your legs.
    Step three: Keep moving. Also, go talk to the doc, you may have popped a disc. Muscle spasm doesn't usually feel like that.

    Seriously, there is no benefit to resting if you've hurt your back. Move gently, avoid twisting, but for pity's sake, move. All you do otherwise is weaken all the other muscles. Current thinking is movement and my own experience backs this up.

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    youtube 12 minutes to perfect posture. good stuff

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    Maybe see a chiropractor? I had never seen one myself until just last week. I decided to see him because I hurt my back weightlifting and he also runs a weightlifting gym and is a powerlifting competitor so I figured if anybody could tell me what I did to myself and how to fix it it would be him. My own doctor would say exactly what yours did: rest, ice, ibuprofen.

    I hurt the ligaments in my back but not my spine. The chiro gave me a sheet with some stretches. The ones that stretch my low back are these:
    1. Lay on back, pull one knee up to chest with your hands under your knee. Do this stretch for 3 seconds, 5 times. Do other leg. Repeat another set.
    2. Lay on back, pull both knees up to chest, bearhugging your knees with your arms. This one I can really feel the stretch good.

    The sheet also has stretches for the adductors and hamstrings. He also suggested foam rolling my glutes. These last three are because I sit a lot.
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    I did this about 6-7 weeks ago and it was no joke. I feel for your pain!

    I am now easing back into it

    I started at 40% intensity at week 3 and have been upping it by 10% every week and this seems to be working. I am now getting back to full fitness but I did mine pretty badly.

    Things that helped me:

    Make sure your diet is good, a sugar binge absolutely killed me for 2-3 days
    drink lots of water
    move every day (walk, stretch) - no weights
    the key is to know when it is pain or aching (you can exercise when its aching)
    squats (with no weights) helped me.
    Try not to sit/lie about

    funnily enough I have not had back problems for a few years as I had been kettlebelling for 2 years now. a few weeks of throwing my body around instead of kettlebelling and my back went!

    if at any point you start to feel a stabbing pain whilst exercising back off and take it easy (don't lie in bed)
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