I don't plan on posting a ton, but wanted a more appropriate place to put updates about how this is going for me. I'll edit this post later and put more details about what I'm doing and trying to accomplish.

I'm 5 weeks in today. I weighed in at 146.4 ( a new high) and my waist at 78cm (also a new high). I had been excited about my temp being .5 higher than what it was last month but today forgot that halfway through last month I had switched from the digital thermometer (reads lower) to the glass one. That makes me .2 higher than last month if I'm lucky.

My appetite had dropped off a cliff when I started my period and still hasn't really come back. I'm wondering if I'm not eating enough now to get my metabolism up further. My morning temp was 97.9-98.2 for the cold half of my cycle and now I'm just past ovulation and it is back up to 98.5. Not bad but about the same as last month. I was hoping to get the cold half up to 98.6 and the warmer half closer to 99.

I've been having tons of heart palpitations that I didn't have before. I thought it was caused by some sprouted potatoes I had been eating but those have been out of my diet for over a week now and I still have them. I had an odd 2 day break from fatigue and the palpitations after cutting out the potatoes and thought that was the reason, but now it doesn't seem like that was enough to get rid of it.

My energy is so very low. I cleaned up the kitchen and vacuumed on those days that I felt better but nothing since then. I just want to lay down all day. After 5 weeks of this it is rather concerning. I feel like I should be starting to feel better now or at least see some improvement in energy. It is time to start my garden for the year now. If I miss out now I may be skipping the whole season and growing my own food is rather important to me. I can't imagine doing any physical labor right now though and I need to do much more that just plant a few seeds in the ground.

On the good side, my sleep is great and I get tons of it. My cellulite is improved even though I'm bigger and with higher bodyfat%. My skin looks nice. I have no food cravings of any kind. I'm really feeling peaceful about food. I think I might eat more if I wasn't too tired to cook though. I'm rather bored with the yogurt, fruit and yams I've been living on out of laziness. Hardly any meat and I don't think it sounds good either.