Hi, I am pretty new to this whole PB, marksdailyapple and have been doing crossfit probably, umm, I'd say a little over a month now. I also keep track of my eating at fitday.com. I've been enjoying reading the different threads, they're great and have been very useful. So thanks.
Well, I have a twin sister that has been doing the same diet and same exercise routine for about the same amount of time as me. We call each other, give each other advice, exercise ideas (because I actually go to a crossfit gym and she doesn't.)
She has mentioned to me that she does cheat every now and then, while I have been pretty much 80/20 or more!
Well, I finally saw her last weekend and noticed a big difference in her weight loss compared to mine. I am very happy for her because she did have more weight to lose then me. So, since I started my diet and exercise routine, I have noticed a change in my physique but also noticed the scale actually has stayed the same, (I'm comparing myself to my twin) and thought for as much work as I am doing both exercise and crossfit, I thought I see greater results.
The thread that peaked my interest the most has been the one of the no menstrual cycle and the other has been about the weight gain/no weight loss.
I haven't had a period this past month and I am someone that has been regular all my life. Well, I took myself to see my gynecologist and his nurse called me today to tell me that my prolactin levels were high. I am not pregnant! My husband has had a vasectomy, so it is impossible.
I am reading on the internet how there might be correlation with no period, high prolactin levels and weight gain. From what I can see high prolactin levels can be temporarily caused by high protien meals, which I've been doing, recent exercise, emotional or physical stress, (CROSSFIT).
I am going to visit with the doctor tomorrow to see what he recommends and I guess I will take it from there.
I know this was very long and I'm sorry, but from what I've been reading from others, I feel we're in the same boat. I will keep anyone interested posted.