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    Back to Basics

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    Hey everyone my name is Mark and I am new to the forum. I'm a degreed Exercise Physiologist, certified nutritional counselor, and my own guinea pig. I love to try different ways of eating and exercise. I've competed in Strongman competitions and ran the Philly Marathon. Played collegiate football at the D2 level. I've been always able to gain muscle or lose weight easily. When I played football I weighed between 195 and 200 and competed in amateur strongman at around 215. Only a year or two later I ran a marathon at 150 lbs.

    I've tried the SAD diet, made the switch to organic grass fed products, tried vegetarian, veganism for a year and surprise, surprise back to meat. Recently I've been doing a low carb high fat diet all of "primal" foods. My goal is to kill off parasites and fungus in my body I believe I have by limiting my carbs. My training has been consisting of mostly body weight and Kettle bell training with the occasional heavy DL and squats.

    Great info on the forum!

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    Welcome. I hope Primal goes well for you.
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