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Thread: Cramp in legs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derpamix View Post
    They're trying to prevent cramps, not induce further cramping
    Better than taking a bunch of supplemental magnesium or something. Check that nutrient profile--

    Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Nuts, cashew nuts, raw

    But I guess they don't agree with everyone. I love nuts. I could eat them all day and not gain weight or feel bad at all.

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    Thanks for that. So I've had epsom salts in baths and soaked in it, eaten bananas, more salt (I eat very little of that), loads of fish / scallops, oranges, sunflower seeds and chocolate yesterday (along with veg of various types). Slept really well and no cramp. I dont know quite what was the magical item but I shall do the same again today and hope it has the same result.

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