I'm starting this journal so I have a record of my journey and so I can share what I learn along the way with others. I found MDA on 18th February 2013 and started moving towards eating primal that very day! I was a bit unsure about the whole eat fat thing, and wasn't convinced I'd be able to give up my daily porridge/oatmeal breakfast. But I thought I'd give it a go.

My problems
I've known for a long long time that dairy and I don't mix. As a kid I could only drink a glass of milk if it was watered down, cheesy dishes gave me headaches and ice cream made me feel very sick. At my parents wedding when I was seven I vomited down my Aunty's back - probably from eating too much pavlova with cream!! The last 12 months or so I've been feeling almost constantly nauseous, so I'd recently stopped eating all dairy (previously I could get away with non-fat dairy without too much trouble).

I am also sensitive to sulfites - after a bout of pneumonia about 10 years ago, I started getting extremely hot and itchy rashes. Anti-histamines helped, but eventually I worked out the likely culprit was sulfites (I could drink most red wines without trouble, but most white wines would cause a rash). I can get away with having some, but too much and the hot itchy rash comes back. I often have a stuffy nose and itchy eyes, sometimes the end of my nose gets insanely itchy - I'm thinking maybe it's sulfites.

I've had trouble with what I call 'low blood sugar', though it's never been diagnosed by a doctor or anything. I just sometimes feel really faint, have a cold sweat, ringing in my ears and am extremely anxious. It's a feeling that if I don't get some sugar now I'm going to pass out. Only usually happens when I'm trying to eat 'healthy' following CW. A dose of something sweet fixes the problem pronto. It means I usually make sure I have food handy, especially when I'm out and about, just in case.

Lastly, I'm overweight - ok so technically I'm morbidly obese (I object to the morbidly bit as I'm not sick - yet). I'm 160.5cm (5ft 3in) tall and weighed 120.2kg (265lb) before I found MDA. Blood tests 12 months ago showed I was insulin resistant, my cholesterol and blood pressure were a little on the high side. Liver tests (including ultra sound) showed I had fatty liver. My mum has heart disease and type II diabetes - I know that I was on the road that ended where she is now.

My Goals
My primary reason for going primal is to not end up sick like my mum is now.

I'd like to fix the problems above, particularly have a diet that is devoid of dairy and has minimal sulfites, but is healthy, satisfying and prevents those 'lows'.

I'd like to be a healthy weight (for my height that would be 55-64 kg or 121-141lbs)

I'd like to be strong and fit so I can enjoy scuba diving again (more about that another time).

My Plan
I've been playing with primal for the last 6 weeks or so and have learnt alot, had some success and pretty much convinced myself it is doable. Now it's time to be serious about creating the lifestyle I want - permanently.

This month I will:
1. Weigh and measure myself once, on the 1st and not again until next month
2. Eat three primal meals a day
3. Get at least 2 hours walking per week
4. Get some 'lift heavy things' exercise once a week or so
5. Try a sprint session at least once this month
6. Source more organic vegetables