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Thread: Felt SO great for 8 months, then lost it all.... HELP!

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    It does sound like a thyroid issue. I have Hashi's also, and your symptoms match mine when my Hashi's was untreated.

    Did they test you for thyroid antibodies? Even if your TSH is normal, a flare in your thyroid antibodies from an underlying autoimmune condition such as Hashi's can cause weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LindsayColeman View Post
    Good idea.
    Here are my thyroid hormone levels:
    T4, FREE- me: 1.0 / lab norm: 0.8-1.8
    T3, FREE- me: 2.6 / lab norm: 2.3-4.2
    TSH- me: 1.01
    T3, REVERSE- me: 23 / lab norm:11-32
    FERRITIN- me: 49 / lab norm: 10-154

    Also, here is my entire blood work results that I had at that time (October 2012)
    Attachment 11140
    Were you on Synthroid when these labs were taken?If so how much and for how long?
    If you have not had another round of tests (thyroid) done since October 2012 then it is passed time that you do. It is recommended to have labs run every 6-8 weeks until you reach midpoint of each respective range (1.3 for FT4, 3.25 for FT3). After that, if symptoms persist tweak very slowly. Symptoms can lag behind blood work by several months.

    Things that can help thyroid function:
    1. Optimal Vitamin D
    2. Optimal ferritin/iron levels
    3. Getting enough calories and/or carbs
    4. Not taking calcium or iron within 4 hours of thyroid meds.
    5. Not over exercising, especially while adjusting meds. The body needs time to heal.
    6. Focus on healing, not weight loss.

    Both your FT4 and FT3 are low. Your FT4 is at 20% of it's range. Your FT3 is at 16% of it's range.

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    Stress was my staller (or rather, gainer) cortisol, adrenaline and the disrupted sleep that nearly always accompanies will put paid to a functioning metabolism.

    And I gained belly fat too. Using my recently-learned stress tools helped regain sleep, lessen stress and I reintroduced the 16 hour fast a couple of times a week (which had waned as the sleep deprivation increased), made all the difference.

    The big lesson for me is to keep on doing the mindfulness when things are going well. So often we stop doing what got us to the good place because we think we have 'arrived' and are 'cured'. Life creeps back in and before you know it you are back where you started!
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