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Thread: Post-travel detox

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    Post-travel detox

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    I'm a student currently studying abroad in Ireland, and I'm planning on doing a lot of travelling over the next few weeks. I just returned from a 5 day trip to Amsterdam and Berlin. Since I'm living on a really tight budget, I opted to eat to eat the free included breakfast at the hostels I stayed at. To say the least, it was a little less than primal-approved. I was able to get a hold of some hard boiled eggs a few days, but for the most part only bread, cereal, and sugary yogurt was available. Needless to say I now feel like crap.

    So my question is: do any of you guys do some kind of "detox" after eating some not-so-primal foods? Should I just go back to my normal primal diet tomorrow, or maybe do an intermittent fast? I never have a problem with doing a 24 hour fast. Weight loss is not an issue here, I'm just concerned with not feeling so bloated, sluggish, and just all-around unhealthy.

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    The most general-purpose detox is a fast. It doesn't sound like you *need* one, but 24 hours of fasting isn't going to do anything bad to you and might be helpful. Your call.

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    I normally eat a bunch more vegetables than I usually do, and that helps get things out of the system faster.

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    While traveling, going to different places, it's really hard to avoid foods and gain weight. For me the best cleansing are fruits with high fibers like apple, avocado, and bananas.

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