I haven't been on this site in a pretty long time. I discovered MDA about a year and a half- two years ago. Since then, I gained some weight and I started crossfitting last summer. I've pretty much been on a "diet" for about 4 years and have been constantly trying to lose "that last 10 pounds." I definitely am even MORE focused on this now that I CrossFit- I wan't abs!! I wanna be lean. I wan't to LOOK like I CrossFit. I'm pretty frustrated with never seeing results despite eating clean/working out.

I'm a 21 year old female. 5'6. 154 pounds. I have been on 1000 calorie diets to the "1200-1500" calorie range, to the "i give up and eat whatever" diet. I think I just gained weight when I first started Primal, I guess I did it wrong. It did help me find out I was gluten intolerant though so that cleared up MANY problems which I'm really grateful for.

Bottom line: I don't think I eat enough and thats why I don't see results? Thats what i've been researching at least. I aim for 1400 calories a day pretty much. I CrossFit 5-6x a week- the WOD then most days stay after for 30 min for strength. My TDEE says I need something like 2200 calories a day but I'm just nervous I will blow up like a balloon. I feel like that is alot of calories. Has anyone had this same experience where they were under-eating and finally ate more to lose weight and it worked?!

I'm pretty primal- paleo + yogurt and cottage cheese. so yeah, primal? I've been researching "Crossfitters eat to perform" and he says I should keep my carbs to about 100g .... fat-? protein-?

Anyone have any advice AT ALL?/words of wisdom/am I doing the right thing?