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    I think it's worth putting in a little effort to get over the whole idea of "breakfast foods." A diabetic buddy of mine asked me to fly to his city and cook primal fare for him for a week. The experiment only lasted a few days though because he said he couldn't stomach another breakfast egg, and couldn't possibly eat dinner food before noon. So guess what that left? Cereal. I get the bit about the eggs. Not everyone wants to make them a stable. But come on, does everything you eat in the morning have to appear on Denny's breakfast menu? If it's tasty and nutritious at night, it'll be tasty and nutritious in the morning.

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    I don't mind eating "dinner" food in the morning, it is just the time factor that that gets me. Which is why I like the idea of leftovers.

    I like eggs but I do get sick of them if I am faced with them every morning. I need a variety. Actually, do you want to fly to NZ and cook primal for me for a week!!!

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    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    I always loved the days we had "breakfast for dinner" as a kid (Mom or Dad would make bacon or SPAM and eggs/pancakes for supper), and I also used to love cold pizza/lasagna for breakfast. So, it wasn't really tough for me to realize that food is food is food. The constructs we set up to define or limit our food lives are just that; they have no real logical basis.
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    I like to wait until the afternoon to eat "breakfast" and enjoy drinking herbal teas in the a.m. like intermittent fasting. But, in my opinion a great convenient breakfast idea is herbal/superfood elixir smoothies: something like grassfed whey, coconut milk, hemp seeds, honey, high quality sea salt, Yerba Mate tea base, and wild blueberries. You can experiment with other superfood ingredients like: goji berries, golden berries, maca, etc. I just kept this one simple!

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