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Thread: Protein Powder Similar to Primal Fuel, But Cheaper???

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    Quote Originally Posted by firemart View Post
    If I have to go back to microwaved scrambled eggs, I can. The fiber in the Primal Fuel will be missed, though.
    Ditch the microwave and get a small convection oven. Sauté some ground beef with caramelized onions and split it up into 1/2 pound servings. Refrigerate and freeze as needed. Let it heat up in the convection oven for 10 - 20 minutes, and get ready while it cooks.

    This'll taste a lot better than microwaved eggs, trust me.

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    I would sometime use the Evox Protein powder (21g Protein/serving 28g) Evox - Toning & Slimming

    My personal opinion is that I prefer eating real food :-) One thing that I love to make with protein powder is a Protein pancake, 3 Eggs, Protein powder, flax seeds and some blueberries (serve with some more blueberries or yogurt if you eat dairy). A on the go breakfast will probably some boiled eggs that you can cook the previous night with some left overs.
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