Just read this while trying to understand why people say ketosis is bad...

“The longer you stay in ketosis, you turn yourselves into fat magnets, and you accumulate body fat more readily,” Dr. Barry Sears of the Zone diet told the same debate. “The longer you stay in ketosis, you begin to oxidize lipoproteins, so these are long-term consequences which begin to explain why high protein diets fail.”

Been primal for about a month now. The thing I like about it is I no longer have the bloating and abdominal discomfort from trying to do a high calorie diet with wholegrains, adequate protein and about 15% fat. I no longer feel the need to be in the kitchen 6 times a day cooking, now only 3 primal meals with a snack. I love it.

But if it does indeed cause lipoprotein oxidation isn't that a risk for arterial plaque diseases?