Ok, I freely admit that since reversing diabetes 2 over a year ago I've been leery of carbs - probably too leery. The fact of the matter is that I do high intensity training that looks a lot like Crossfit + other things, and am also a cyclist. I feel fine during my workouts - but I do run out of energy later in the day. My trainer (who is also Paleo) has convinced me that I really need to up my carb intake to at least 100 (from 60ish), if not a bit more, on workout days and to include 20-25 grams with my post-workout protein.

I am really not that fond of potatoes - but I do like real food rather than shakes. I will not consume grains in any form - my gut is VERY happy with that - so no white rice. So what does that leave me? Sweet potatoes and squash come to mind. I do like to limit fructose to more of an occasional treat rather than as a daily source. I am going to try his suggestion, just working out how to do this. I am sure there are other good primal carb sources outside of sweet potatoes, squash and bananas... I do try to avoid nightshades due to some skin conditions.

And no suggestions that I back off on the intensive training - that isn't happening