Nine months ago I overhauled my diet according to the primal blueprint. A few months prior, I started an exercise routine. A few months later, together with a friend, I began making regular tramps out in the bush.

The results have been all I wished for and more. I am healthier, happier, fitter, and slimmer than ever and I have maintained this status for months.

So, I ask myself, where to from here? What should be my new goals, now that I have achieved what I set out to do?

A few areas I think I could explore include:

Branching out diet-wise. I rarely eat fish. Liver and offal have been no-go areas so far. Meat and veges come from the supermarket for the most part - not my neighbour's farm or my own garden. I'd love to find a source of organic whole milk.

Branching out exercise-wise. I've never done a community walk or run. There are fabulous bike routes and tramping tracks in our country that I've not experienced yet. There are no doubt new activities waiting to be tried.

Branching out fashion-wise. Now that I actually like the way clothes hang on me, I might try paying a bit more attention to what I wear. I'm not sure my clothes adequately express my personality in the way they could.

Other areas of life. With my newfound energy I should be able to tackle some things I've been putting off. Getting my garden under control and productive. Decorating my house. Finding time for new interests and friends.

Any suggestions?