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    Chicken liver has the mildest taste, and in pate is yummy. My family who dislikes liver eat pate happily.

    Livers mixed in with other meats in curry usually hides it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by girlhk View Post
    Chicken liver has the mildest taste
    Lies! I think lamb's liver is far milder than chicken.

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    We eat lots of lamb liver and heart. Cooked in a pressure cooker (or dutch oven) with lots of onions, garlic, small can of tomato paste water just to cover salt, ground cayenne and cumin. Also, rice dressing, yummmmmm!!

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    Agree lamb is more mild and would be easier to hide .
    I haven't done it but would imagine need,
    Blend the liver in processor or chop finely then mix with some ground meat into patties & season herbs spices cooked onion garlic etc , as u want then good to go.

    From London England UK

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    That's exactly what I'm doing. And successfully, I might add. . I had access to a bunch of grass-fed beef liver, so I grind it up and mix in small amounts with ground beef. My family has been eating it in burgers, sauce, chili, etc. for months!

    And, on top of that, I got some chicken livers. I marinated them in lemon juice, then cooked them up with bacon, onion, garlic, etc and made pate. It's surprisingly good!

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