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Thread: Looking for a dentist who has a bigger picture--a bit of a rant

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    I have been going to my dentist for almost 35 years. I think she is an honest, decent person and does not suggest unnecessary work or pad the bill. I replaced my silver amalgam fillings for my own cosmetic reasons. I have only one crown, and that molar was drilled many times, so it seems reasonable.

    On my own, many years ago, I started turning down most of the suggested X-rays. I'm not even sure why, apart from a vague idea that radiation wasn't good for you. All the previous X-raying never prevented the death of two teeth from abscesses or whatever else was the cause. Now that I'm under the influence of Peat, I will never have an X-ray without a compelling reason.

    On my last visit to my dentist, I was talking to her about my narrow dental arch and speculating if the cause was a lack of nutrients during gestation, as Weston Price theorized. She had never heard of him! That did surprise me.

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    Visit the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicity web site (IAOMT .org) and see if they have a member near you.

    I have read that amalgams will shrink, thus allowing bacteria under the filling, or expand, thus cracking a tooth. Haven't had either happen to me.

    About three years ago I met a doctor who was still practicing at the age of 76. He told me my numerous health problems were due to my amalgam fillings. It was the craziest thing I had ever heard. However, he was right. I saw the dentist he recommended, an IAOMT member, who knew the recommended safety procedures to remove amalgam fillings. (Amalgam fillings contain mercury - up to 50% mercury. Drilling them out releases mercury vapor, which is easily inhaled and can make you very sick.) I felt much better getting the amalgams out. For the last two years I've been taking medicine to chelate the mercury from my body and my health is returning.

    It's worth taking the time to find a dentist who you're comfortable with; who you trust.

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