I'm tired of not being able to trust ANYONE with my food. I have to prepare everything I eat (unless it comes from a box or bag that says gluten free on it). Last night another "celiac" (don't consider her a trusted source anymore) told me the salmon at a party was safe. Turns out the host (non-celiac) had made it and used some teriyaki on it (not the other celiac like I first thought). Heartburn and bloating today and for the next month thanks to two bites of salmon.

It's isolating and depressing. I can't even trust other celiacs because some of them aren't as careful. I'm very sensitive to gluten. There are only a couple safe restaurants in the area I trust, and even then I don't go too often and push my luck.

The worst part is that my SO doesn't understand and wants to go to Hawaii for two weeks next winter. I lived in Honolulu for 3 months and it's a horrible place to be gluten free (soy sauce everywhere), but he doesn't seem to listen to my concerns. I want to travel without being sick and I can't eat larabars for two weeks. The stress of dealing with the food makes it completely unenjoyable. Hopefully there are other celiacs on the forum that can help me deal with these issues because I'm out of ideas and motivation. I'm trying to finish grad school and work two part time jobs and deal with this BS. One of the jobs finishes up in May and it can't come soon enough.