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Thread: Primal Journey (Cryptocode)

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    Primal Journey (Cryptocode)

    I started PB 11/10/12

    The diseases for which I came to PB, looking for a cure:

    1. The tendency or desire to vomit while or after eating was gone in 2 days. (GERD)
    2. The heavy gastric production of mucus which caused drooling in sleep was gone in 1 week
    3. The IBS gas and water bloating was 90% gone in 2 weeks. (IBS)
    4. At 3 weeks I began taking Milk of Magnesia every other day instead of every day.
    5. At 4 weeks the ability to control urine outflow returned (I'd been afraid I'd have to wear diapers.)
    6. After 5 weeks my completely dead bowel began working again. Peristalsis returned.
    7. At 6 weeks I began taking Vits. D3 and C (mainly to prevent hair loss) and Magnesium Citrate (800 mg) to soften my stools.
    8. At 7 weeks I bought Mark's Damage Control Package (vitamins and minerals). I'd already been taking prebiotics and probiotics, etc.
    8. At 8 weeks my ‘bleeder’ condition ceased. All the permanent indigo bruises on my arms started going away, and I no longer bled continuously when my skin was torn or pierced.

    At 2.5 months my stools are softer now but I’m still constipated. But some IBS remains at the best of days, and on the worst, after 2-3 days of no Milk of Magnesia (MOM) is really bad and painful. Also the process of moving water from my stomach to my bladder is very slow, about 8 hours. So although I was trying to extend the time inbetween MOM, as soon as I was constipated (any straining at all needed), I'd take MOM that evening.

    At 3 months I started reading Fiber Menace and added Potassium. At 4 months I was down to MOM every 4-5 days and had finished reading Fiber Menace. That is a fantastic book that everyone here should read. During this month I was experiementing with how much Potassium I needed, cutting capsules or tablets in half. At 4.25 months I declared complete success. No more MOM needed. (Also I've become one of those nuts who examine their stools daily to see how things are going. Sure never thought I'd do that.)

    The "sensitivities" listed above are not considered serious by Doctors. Not until they become "diseases". But they caused sufficient misery to convince me I was dying. I couldn't stand up unaided. When I did stand up my leg muscles shook so violently my husband could see them shaking easily.

    The next catagory I have to deal with are the diseases doctors consider sufficiently serious to watch until they require an operation, and possibly to treat the symptoms of:
    Pre-cancerous polyps
    Ulcerative Colitis
    Osteroporosis - right hip neck is at 2.5 std. - Take Calcium
    Hypertension - Take ACE Inhibitor, 2.5mg Lisinopril
    Anemia, Iron Deficient - Take iron

    After these diseases are fully developed the next progression is colon cancer. Then the doctors can do something about that - they cut out part of all of the colon.

    April 11 I have an appointment for a colonoscopy. A few weeks after that I'll find out the results of the G.I. ones.

    I also have Familial hypercholesterolaemia, an inherited condition characterised by higher than normal levels of LDL blood cholesterol. Familial hypercholesterolaemia causes up to 10 per cent of early onset coronary artery disease – heart disease that occurs before the age of 55 years. The cause is a mutation in a gene. About one in every 300 Australians is thought to be affected. Other names for familial hypercholesterolaemia include familial hyperlipidaemia, hypercholesterolaemic xanthomatosis and low density lipoprotein receptor mutation.

    I have no gall-bladder and no appendix.
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