Now I'm 8 days out of the hospital. I've had 4 days of educational classes from Kaiser. They are quite good and I've learned a lot about these diseases and how to care for them and treat them. However - - Hurray, hurray - I don't have them - or only one. Emphysema.

It turns out that I didn't understand that the information given my by the team of 4 doctors that visited me twice a day was a report of my condition to the minute. But with all the medicines and tests they gave me, I'm now well. Amazing. I saw my G.P. this morning. At Kaiser hospital doctors have a very different agenda and attitude than office doctors.

So for 3 days I thought I was dying, for 4 days I thought I would have a very short lifespan remaining, and today I'm fine. I'm now to start exercising and slowly building my strength back up. This is going to take me a day or two to adjust back to joyful life. But it sure is wonderful news.

On the other medical front, my G.I. problems are completely gone. My guts are in wonderful condition. Doc says I've had another 'spontaneous remission'. All due to Mark's Daily Apple. Today the man at the pharmacy counter was getting a stool softener. I wanted to tell him no, I know the answer. Of course I didn't. (This cure is probably because they gave me steroid shots in the stomach (no fun there) to remove all inflammation.)