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Thread: Alcohol and Joint Pain

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    Alcohol and Joint Pain

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    I love my tequila and scotch, but after a good dose of the agave last night, I tossed and turned with knee pain. I'm an active walker and I'm continuing to lose weight and gain definition. I'm beginning to think that my chronic elbow pain may be possibly linked to the spirits.

    Since I'm off work today, I think that I will put my alcohol consumption on hiatus or slow it down to maybe a beer once or twice a week with a meal.

    Anyone find that alcohol causes joint pain and inflammation?

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    This happens frequently to people predisposed to gout. Yes I've experienced the same issues in the past. I am on a bit of an alcohol abstinence experiment right now (5 months). I haven't had any knee or foot joint pain since being off.

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    I am gluten intolerant, and certain grain alcohols set me off with arthritis-like pain.

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    The only time alcohol has ever given me pain was when it made me fall off a curb. I hate that.
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