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    Go. they dn't happen that often (even if it is every weekend), and they don't last that long (ie, I'm 36. there are no more house parties for us -- mostly because our friends don't do house parties any more because we are parents and stupidly tired all the time anyway).

    So, do it now.

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    i'm 22 and never went to a party

    i'm fine with that
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    Go! Social health is important too. I'm not saying go crazy and do drugs and get crazy drunk, but go have fun with friends. Partying is part of being a teen, just don't go overboard.

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    If you think you might have fun, go!

    I threw a house party when I was seventeen and my parents were out of town. I met two guys that night who I've been close friends with ever since. That was 27 years ago.

    We're all Very Responsible Adults now with Jobs and Families and live in different parts of the country, but when we're able to get together, we still swap stories about the drunken teenage shenanigans we got into and marvel at how we're all still close friends. Someone invariable says "Thank God, Cindi decided to have a party." Or "Thank God, I went to that party." I can't imagine not having these two friends all these years.

    Go. Meet new people. Dance your ass off. Make friends. Sleep the next day. And, when you're 45, take the time every now and then to remember with fondness the joys of your youth.

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    I'd skip a workout any time before skipping a party. Parties are good, you socialize, meet chicks, etc so go to parties (unless the people are boring).

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    Definitely go to a couple of the parties at a minimum If you know its going to be a super late night you can always get a bit of sleep in the afternoon/evening before you go.

    When in was in school and uni, I used to study and work out on saturday but finish up by dinner time and then the rest of the weekend was for partying and sleeping it off. It meant I could really relax and spend time with friends without worrying about unfinished work. It also meant that if I was out really really late then sunday could be spent sleeping it off it took a bit of discipline to make sure i finished everything with that time to spare but it was an approach that served me well for many years and meant I had some epic parties but still got good grades and a good degree.

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    I'm 16 and the last party I went to consisted of watching a game on tv, the blind groping of items in the bucket of vinegar (sounds lame but really fun) , and a PG-13 movie.

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    Go party on down, you only live once and your training schedule will still be there when you get back. If you're gonna drink, stick to the red wine, make sure you eat properly the next day, if you insist on drinking a lot, alternate each alcoholic drink with water and make sure you eat plenty before you go. I'm 22 and I'm not going to let paleo get in the way of my social life (though I now drink far less than I did when I started college!) As for girls, don't try to 'get with them' immediately, strike up a conversation first before moving in for the kill, it will be far more appreciated!

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    1-4 parties a night won't kill you, if you start doing them every night then you have a problem.
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    Go! I doubt Grok went to bed at 10pm sharp and woke up promptly at 6am, getting a full numerical-value of sleep each night.

    And I'm not going to sit around and pretend like 15 year olds don't drink and party, I sure did. You should party while it's still socially okay; nothing weirder than a 25 year old showing up at a house party full of teenagers.
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