I stumbled upon something that is going to make me more productive, healthier, better at getting up earlier, and get me off the computer.

-I've already done my workout earlier in the day, so all I have to do when I get home is eat.
-I then go to bed around 8-9 pm with an occasional night that I'm up until 10.
-I sleep for either 3 or 4:30 hours.
-I wake up, and I'm in a high quality state of awareness. I can breeze through any tasks I have to do on the computer that would otherwise have taken forever earlier in the night because I would have been tired and unfocused. I feel great because sleep does that to me.
-I go back to sleep and wake up early! Now, I can workout, get other errands and tasks done before having to go to work/school. I also get the good feeling of waking up with the world, rather than waking up midday. I feel fantastic once again because I got every bit of sleep that my body needed. It was easy to fit in my schedule because I was more efficient with work around midnight-1am, and I can do stuff in the morning too that I ordinarily would have done at night.

Why does this work? I think this is an evolutionary pathway that I'm tapping into. Some of my hypothesis is guesswork, so bare with me. Maybe human's sleep pattern evolved to be synchronized with when our predators were out. In Africa, we stay awake until the dusk predators are safely away from us. We eat what we got for the day, and then we go to bed. We wake up in the middle of the night in case nocturnal predators are around (and I believe nocturnal predators prefer the middle of the night to hunt). We stay up for a bit, chat, maybe have sex, and then we go back to bed and get up at dusk. Dusk marks our beginning of the food search for the day, and yet again being awake at dawn is good because that is another time predators may come out.