So I'm wanting to get started. What should I buy to put in my house? I've letting my stores of food run low so I can just put in primal friendly food. The least primal things in my fridge right now are half a tub of full fat sour cream (which looks pretty primal friendly as much as dairy gets. No strange ingredients) and 15 lbs of potatoes left that my mom brought me.

My goal is weight loss. What should I buy at the store? I can buy salad, but I get bored of salad pretty quick. I've got some skinless chicken breast, wild fish, and bacon stored. Also lots of eggs. Anyone have any tips of what I should put in my home to always have on hand, what some of my first meals should look like, and when I should eat? I work night shift, and I am not really caring for it. I'm new at my job and this is going to be a reality for atleast 6 more months until I'm allowed to change positions within my company.

Any and all advice will be appreciated.