Hey, so I'm pretty new to all this stuff, but I'm excited to try and change things to see what happens! My question is, as the title suggests, fighting being sedentary.

I'm curious on what all I can do to remain active all day? I already ride my bike/walk to school and work. At work, I am in retail, so I'm always up on my feet walking around. But I always come home and spend numerous hours lying down/sitting and watching netflix/playing games/on the computer. I understand about taking 45 minutes walks, but, if I have the time, should I do it more than once a day? What if I've already worked out? I just want to come home and rest and not do anything.

So, in my spare time, I like to study languages, read or even write, I want to be a writer. How can I still fill my day with things I want to do, while not being sedentary?? Thanks for the help!