A little late in the thread but I'll put in my 2 cents worth.

Antibiotics have to be one of the most over-prescribed drugs in the USA. They are too often given for viral infections which not only are useless but may inhibit the bodies' own immunity system.

My theroy is that the over use of antibiotics, even for bacterial infections, damage the bodies' natural ability to heal itself and not only antibiotics but even taking OTC meds to bring down fever as described in this article:

A Fever is Actually Good for You - Don't Fight It

Even when I know that I have a bacterial infection (I have a medical background, I know the difference) I don't take antibiotics, or any other medications. I get a fever, I usually sleep about 20 hours and I wake up weak but well.

I have also had this theroy that the overuse of antibiotics in the USA has caused the over health of people's immunity systems to be depressed and as a result, this may cause an increase in cancers and other diseases that the body would normally be able to combat. I think that when you (over) use antibiotics, it causes your immunity system to go into neutral to a degree and the artificial antibiotics are just not as good at combating disease as your natural immunity system. And there is also the effect of killing off the good bacteria in your body to consider.

Perhaps my theroy may have a degree of truth to it by these articles:

Antibiotic Use and Increased Risk of Breast Cancer - National Cancer Institute


Overuse of Antibiotics Is Seen Behind Many Human Ills | Helpful Bacteria & Gut Biome | Immune System & Auto-Immune Diseases | LiveScience

Always remember several things about doctors and the medical profession in general:

  • Doctors are trained to basically do two things for an illness, give pills or do surgery

  • Doctors are heavily influenced (some might say controlled) by the big drug companies who not only "Wine and dine" the doctors but also influence the cirriculum in medical schools

  • Even the best doctor makes mistakes (as we all do) and an informed patient is best for all concerned

  • And a cured patient is a customer lost, think about how many things doctors do that actually cure anything. A majority of medicine is about treating signs and symptoms