I hate making this post because I've already brought it up in my journal but I need more immediate input that hopefully a main thread will get so I apologize.

Here's the deal. My mother came home last week with what I would guess would be the flu (or else a really bad cold) Lots of coughing and aching. She's starting to recover but now my dad, my grandmother and I are coming down with it (I was hoping she was just struggling with sinus issues and therefore wouldn't contaminate everyone else.)

My grandma has this thing with pills. She thinks they're the most awesome things ever and believes you need a pill for the smallest of issues...or that one pill will perform more than one miracle. Plus she is fiercely against generic medication and will go out of her way to pay extra for brand name. (Sometimes I think she's addicted to pain killers)

She's 91 and depends a lot on me for help and company alike. But she can be manipulative and I am trying not to let that happen. Unfortunately because everyone is sick and people want to go to the doctor, she made me come with her today and was prescribed antibiotics. The doctor even made sure there was enough inside to share with me.

I've always hated taking pills, even if it's Motrin for cramps. In fact Motrin is the only medication that I take regularly, once a month and maybe even jus tone dose a month. So I avoided taking the antibiotics until about an hour ago after being scolded about waiting too long to take it. I've got 29 left...

I should say that I really want to be as natural as possible with how I live my life and I rarely get sick like this (maybe once a year or every other year.) The main symptoms I am suffering with ATM is an annoying cough, some lethargy and occasionally maybe an elevated temp and body aches. I've had this for 3 days.

Should I continue taking the pills now that I've taken one or stop it here? I have IBS and after reading about how IBS and antibiotics are linked I got scared. (My grandmother actually thinks the antibiotic will HELP my IBS!) I really do not want more problems! I should not have taken the pill at all but I unfortunately am a bit of a hypochondriac because of my IBS and worry about every little ailment turning out of control. No, I'm not paleo at the moment but I am striving to be as clean as I can (within affordability).

Any advice?