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    I get Sainsbury's, Morrison's or M&S Portuguese sardines in olive-oil. Mostly sardines, 1/4 pure olive-oil, 1% salt. Not too bad. Maybe they ship to the US?
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    I just read some posts on cracklins having soy oil in them. So I checked my bag. Yep! Why in the name of God's green earth do pork cracklins need any additional fat?

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    I was so excited to finally find a brand of totally primal mayo -- the front label said olive oil, egg yolks, and lemon juice. Standing in line at the checkout, I happened to turn it over and look at the ingredients list on the back... soy oil, canola oil, etc etc. It's like they KNOW people don't want that crap, so they don't put it on the most visible part of the jar. It seems so sneaky and deceitful.

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    PrimalStudent, oh, they know all right. BigFoods spends millions of dollars keeping lobbyists on the hill to keep adding laws to hide what they put in prepared foods. I don't have the link, but I remember in one of Mark's posts he mentioned how many things keep being added even to the "Certified Organic" list. That isn't smaller farms changing the list. BigFood wanted to include GMOs in the Certified Organics, but the opposition got that rejected.
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