I've already seached here and on the internet, but I just need direct advice from someone who's done this to tell me what to do.
I wanted to make Mark's recipe for Primal Pizza, which calls for almond flour. Didn't want to pay the big bucks, plus I had a big bag of raw whole almonds in the pantry. So I tried making it myself.
I didn't blanch them, so I know technically I just got almond meal. I use a Kitchenaid food processor and the regular blade. The pieces got very small, but still too granular to be flour. I was hesitant to keep grinding because I didn't want to end up with almond butter. I ended up using 2 cups of this meal to make the pizza dough, spread it thinner than suggested, but it was still too dense to my liking and after a few pieces of the pizza, I just ate the topping and threw the crust outside to the wildlife.
1) should I only have used blanched almonds?
2) should I have just kept running the processor?
3) should I use a different appliance?
4) should I have toasted the almonds to dry them out a bit?
5) I bought coconut flour for another recipe, should I just use that instead and if so, how much is equivalent?
I can get whole raw almonds for a reasonable price, so am willing to keep testing.
Thanks for any help.