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    What are hunger pangs, really?

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    - Blood sugar issues?
    - Stomach acid imbalance?
    - Sign of a fast metabolism?
    - Not being a "fat burner"?
    - Symptoms of malnourishment?

    Please add appropriate theories.

    I don't know what to believe...!
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    Empty stomach. Body prepares to take fat out of storage should snickers bars not be eaten.

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    What are hunger pangs? AWESOME. It means it's time for me to eat delicious, delicious food!

    Seriously though, I really don't know what hunger pangs are. They're just a feeling probably brought on by a hormonal rush. When your stomach is empty and you're burning body fat for awhile, leptin levels decline more and more. As leptin levels decrease you feel hungrier. Do you know what feeling when you get an adrenaline rush? Say you get suddenly startled and suddenly you feel that rush in the pit of your stomach and of extends throughout your extremities. You are suddenly alert, focused, you have tons of energy and want to sprint and your whole body is momentarily in overdrive. My guess is hunger is something like that - just a slow progressing feeling as leptin levels slowly decrease and some other hormone signals that "hunger" feeling.

    I don't think hunger is anything physical at all, which is why it "goes away" when you get preoccupied and increases when you do nothing and dwell on it (like sitting on your butt for hours in an office doing monotonous paperwork eating out of boredom).
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    I feel very, very ILL if I don't eat soon when I'm hungry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YogaBare View Post
    - Blood sugar issues?
    - Stomach acid imbalance?
    - Sign of a fast metabolism?
    - Not being a "fat burner"?
    - Symptoms of malnourishment?
    Yes, and more! If you are used to eat breakfast at 7 AM you will often get ravenous hungry at that time due to the hormone grehlin that has timed a meal for you at that time. Also if the body can't get ready enough fat to cover its energy demands it signal it by sending you hunger pangs, to eat more! Sometimes the brain also send you hunger pangs when the body need more water instead of the usual thirst signals, so lots of different reasons really...

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    Im guessing its a drop in blood sugar, giving you that nauseating feeling.

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    I think a lot of what I experience as hunger is only in my head. I have been trying to push my IF window for the last couple of months and I find that the biggest impact on how hungry I feel before dinner time is what kind of activity I'm engaged in.

    If I'm busy with shopping or chores on the weekend, I can go til 3pm easy. I do feel occasion feelings of hunger, but they come and go without bothering me. If I'm in meetings or steadily busy in the lab (I'm in R&D) at work, I can go until at least 1pm. If I didn't have a lunch bag sitting on the file cabinet, I might be able to go even longer. But if I'm doing a lot of computer work, I am ravenous by 9am. I think when I am alone and not occupied with some kind of physical movement, my mind just turns to food and my stomach obeys.
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