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Thread: good sources for baking--wife loves to bake and it's a barrier for her page 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmsmall View Post
    So what is the problem with Stevia?
    Tastes like yuck? Lol. Regular sugar, honey, molasses, coconut sugar, and maple syrup are way better, IMO.

    Paleo Dessert Recipes - dessertstalker has a lot of recipes, but honestly, I'd just sub a GF lour blend of rice, tapioca, and potato in traditional recipes. Most work interchangeably. Google gluten free flour blends.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmsmall View Post
    My wife loves to bake, and is very good at it. It would be a loss for her to not be able to bake stuff for her loved ones.

    I've done the search on the site and really didn't find that much. Anyone have a site, link, book, resource for doing low carb, primal, paleo baking?
    As a baking fiend, I still try to find time for it now and again, although I got out of it when I started eating more primally. While I've tried dozens of primal-friendly recipes, I don't make them often since I'd just end up eating all of it. What I do, in order to enjoy the baking part and to brighten someone's day, is just to bake conventional goodies and give them away. Most if my friends, coworkers, etc, aren't primal anyway. I do tweak all the recipes to be healthier (despite the wheat) by cutting down sugar or using subs for the white sugar, using coconut oil, etc.

    To answer your question, though, Google is your wife's best recipe-finding friend! There are so many great sites with dessert/baking recipes... The Food Lover's Primal Palate, PaleOMG, Gluten Free Fix and Civilized Caveman are a few that I was just browsing this morning...

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    I have a food blog with recipes in my sig. Maybe she'll find something useful there.
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    So what is the problem with Stevia?
    It has an off taste- like a bitterness to me. I'm of the mindset that any foods I eat better taste awesome, LOL, and I can tell if stuff has stevia in it. I had a bite of a gluten free cupcake this week and could taste the stevia- I asked the baker...lo and behold, stevia.

    I think stevia may be one of those things that some people may taste differently (like cilantro and cooked green pepper).

    And personally.... I don't think sugar in moderation is that bad. It's not a regular thing for me to bake or have sugar. So I'd rather have cake sweetened with honey once or twice a month than a stevia cupcake every day.
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    I just posted a recipe for primal banana bread on my new blog.

    Primal Banana Bread | The Primal Vegetarian

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    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    Quick Brazilian Cheese Rolls {Pao de Queijo} | Our Best Bites is an easy recipe for a quick bread/muffin. Substitute olive or avocado oil for the canola.

    I've doubled the egg to make it fluffier and that worked well. I use all parmesan because I always have it around, but I don't always have cheddar on hand. I've even baked it in a cast iron skillet to make "bread" for a Primal Phillie Cheese Steak. Very flexible recipe. Next time I make it, instead of doubling the egg, I'm going to add two egg whites and see if that makes it even fluffier - egg yolks will never go to waste if I'm around.
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    Paleo Bread Recipe - Health Extremist
    I just made this bread last night with rendered bacon fat in place for coconut oil and it came out awesome!
    Wasn't flat at all like the other primal/paleo breads I made
    I used 1c of almond flour than 1.25 cause I'm stingy though if that changes anything

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    I got a pizza recipe, if you like pizza.

    Primal Pizza |

    Sits in your stomach like a brick to be sure - horribly filling - but tastes nice.

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