I have a close family member in the most horrifying situation - it's so by-the-books terrible that it sounds like I'm making this up, but I'm not. He's in his mid-thirties, recently moved to Texas for work, just got married and had a son. Life is good.... Then brain cancer stops him dead in his tracks. He has been in-and-out of surgeries for the better part of a year. As he's been physically debilitated, his weight has ballooned from an average physique to that of a portly 60 year-old. His sight comes and goes, and when he can see, he needs thick Coke-bottle glasses now.

Anyway....you get the idea. We all know what cancer does to people.

The one thing he has kept, though, is his conscientiousness. Mentally, he's still all there, and he still has hopes for recovery. However, he did recently say, "I feel like I have a ticking time bomb on top of my neck.") So I have tried to convince him to consider a paleo diet just for the sake of beating cancer.

The reason I think paleo beats cancer is because I have come across many vague references to low carb and paleo diets "starving" cancer cells as those cells need carbohydrates to grow (this is what I recall). But a relatively thorough internet search yielded no great single article or video on the subject. There was certainly nothing like 'Fat Head' or 'The Primal Blueprint' on the topic.

So what I'm looking for is the best single reference to share with a cancer patient to convince him to consider low carb and paleo as a means to beat his illness.