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Thread: Pemmican question

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    Pemmican question

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    Getting local grass feed beef in Idaho is pretty easy. Getting the fat is not going so good just yet. Anyhow I was looking at my jar of coconut oil and the fact that it is hard like fat.
    It may not be "perfect" pemmican but I would think it would be a reasonable substitute?
    Anyone done this or do I get to be the test pilot?

    I'm working on more portable primal foods for my son to eat at school. So far primal beef jerky was an easy win. I don't trim any of the fat either and am pretty pleased that he even likes the yellow fat globs on the meat.

    Thanks for any input.

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    I have pondered using coconut oil, but the lower melting point will likely cause problems unless the pemmican is kept cold. Still, it might be worth a whirl.

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    I haven't tried making pemican yet...I will this summer. I am not sure coconut oil will work as it is just barely solid at room temperature and melts easily in the hand. I think you might end up with a greasy mess. You may want to trim the fat from your jerky especially if you are storing it for any length of time and not frozen or at least refrigerated...the fat may spoil on you.

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