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Thread: Grok's Longetevity?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cryptocode View Post
    The evdience comes from studies that became lectures in various conferences filmed and on youtube. They're still available.
    Oh, it must be true then, especially if it is published on youtube...

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    More data than anyone could ever want on the topic. I don't have time to wade thru it though...if someone boils it down a short answer let us know:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorbag View Post
    I highly doubt it, but why not hundreds of years then, like some of the biblical personages? Any evidence for your claims?
    It's pretty easy to determine an individual's general age by features of the bones. I've taken a look at a few Cro-Magnon bones (well, casts of them anyway) and some of them were from really old people, at least 80. It's kinda hard to tell after a certain age, but they were basically old as dirt. It's not a secret that very old age was indeed possible for ancient people. But, I don't have the casts to show you, so you can take my word for it or you can look them up yourself, I'm sure photos are available on teh interwebz.

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    if not struck by injury or disease (which could each kill grok pretty quickly), no reason for him not to be lounging about in his 70s+. but broken bones or infections were certain death.

    as a more recent example, take a look at how old our us colonial presidents were at death. yeah, yeah, not hunting saber-tooth tigers, but living well past 80 in the 18th and 19th centuries.
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    Grok didn't have (but we do):

    - Nearly guaranteed access to water and food.
    - Nearly guaranteed access to shelter.
    - Access to emergency medical services.
    - Access to all of the wonders that have decreased child mortality.
    - Protection and distance from any real predator.
    - Rule of law (well humans did have this, but nowhere near the current extent)

    Probably some more that I'm missing... But anyways, to use the cavemen's longevity as proof against a diet is stupid. They lived day by day not knowing if they would survive.

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    The number to throw back at him (if you are up for an argument) is that the early Neolithic farmers had an expected lifespan of only 18 or 19, if I recall correctly. If farming was so great, why did the human lifespan drop almost 50% when we started doing it? It took thousands of years to get back up to 30 years again, and was only the past century or so where it really started to shoot much past 30. Life expectancy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia There's some pretty clear info here.

    Google images came up with this:http://filipspagnoli.files.wordpress...long-trend.gif
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