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Thread: Fats, and calories question

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    Fats, and calories question

    Hi, I'm new here...I tracked my foods today and so far im getting about 46% of my calories from fat. Does it matter which fats im getting? Of the 46%, 22.9% is from Saturated fats, 17.1% is from Polyunstaturdated fats, and 50% is from monounsaturated fats.

    Todays meals looked like this

    1: 3 eggs, 1 cup ground beef.

    2. 2 cup haddock fish, half an avocado, tomatoes and sweet peppers.

    3. 1 cup ground turkey, 2 cups sweet potato, 1/4 cup mixed nuts

    4. 1 can salmon, half an avocado

    I'm at 2615 calories so far today, which is under my 3600 to maintain my body weight. Im finding it hard to transition...I'm used to eating so much pasta and bread and rice to fill in my calories that I'm a bit nervous eating so many meats and fat. Any ideas how I can alter this menu that I have so far to bring the calories higher?

    Today my calories break down is 47% fat, 29% protein, and 24% carbs. Is this ok? I'd like to plan a menu and break down my calores in to 4 meals for the day but I want to make sure this macro breakdown is ok and wont kill me or something...

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