Hi all,

I have a foster puppy (approx 3 mo old, looks like a tiny german shepherd, she's only 6lb) and she has crazy dry skin. It's not fleas or mites, just dry skin. My boston terrier also has chronic dry skin, but we eliminated grains from his diet and it is loads better. I can't do that with the foster, I'm contractually obligated to feed her the shelter food (Hill's Science Diet, ugh). What else can I do to help her? She is recovering from her spay so no oatmeal shampoo bath for a few more days. I'm thinking oil supplements? I have coconut, flaxseed, fish oil- anyone have any recommendations as to which will be the most helpful? Or is there something else I should try? She is set for a dog show and to hopefully find her forever home at the end of April, I'd like to have this somewhat under control by then.