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Thread: Hello I'm new

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    Hello I'm new

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    My name is K and I'm new here. This isn't my first time doing a Primal/Paleo life change, I did it 5 years ago as way to lose weight but I ended up easing back into a carb filled life after a year of it. Right now, I intend to make the change for good.

    I suffered a horrific accident at the beginning of the year that has forced me to stay in my bed and I've used the time to evaluate my life. And through this time, I've decided that not just eating Primally but adapting to a Primal-as-much-as-possible life is best for me. I can tell because I've been eating basically Primal since I came home (meat, eggs, veggies, some fruits, some nuts, water) and my healing has been faster than expected, enough to shock my surgeon.

    I hope to be an active poster. I'm glad to be here.

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    Congratulations on your recovery! I can't imagine how much healing is actually slowed by eating inflammatory foods. Probably more than many people realize. I hope you continued success and I look forward to your posts.

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    Sorry about your accident. Good luck, and I look forward to your posts!

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    Welcome. I'm glad you are on the mend.
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