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Thread: Standing desks

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    Standing desks

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    I recently got a standing/sitting computer desk at work which I love! My job requires me to be on my computer, which before meant 8 hrs of sitting if I didn't get up for breaks. The first week I did half standing/half sitting. Second week I sat maybe 2 hours. Now I stand all day.

    I know sitting at a computer all day isn't good, but what about standing for 8 hours? Guess I was thinking it can't be anything but good, until someone said I'm going to get vericose veins standing all day! Yikes! Anyone run into problems standing all day? Or standing just simply better?

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    I've had one at work for about a year now and find I spend about equal time sitting and standing.

    In regards to the vericose veins concern, I actually think you are less likely to develop vericose veins with more standing since your overall circulation should improve and you aren't creating high pressure/low circulation zones from all that sitting (think Deep Vein Thrombosis.) If you already have vericose veins then all that standing might exacerbate the condition, but I'm fairly certain that vericose veins are one of those conditions we give ourselves with the SAD and a sedentary lifestyle.
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    I actually got rid of my chair when I got my stand-up desk. I had to go all the way due to my office's configuration.

    I didn't like standing in one spot as much as I was forced to, but I recently got a balance board that I use to not be as immobile and I feel like it's been a big improvement. Some days I probably stand on the board for 5 or 6 hours out of 8, sometimes probably 2 or 3, depending how I feel.

    Just my two cents.

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    I just looked up "standing desks" because I never heard of that before (work from home, don't get out much, haha). The first link I found took me to a treadmill that slides underneath a standing desk.

    That is awesome and I now want one, haha.

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