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Thread: Becoming an Iron Girl.

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    Yep, I cut out the nuts and dairy entirely during my weight losing phase. Not only is it 600 extra calories, but it is 600 calories that doesn't leave you feeling any satiety. If you ate 600 calories worth of meat or eggs, you would stop and not feel like eating again for a while.

    Another alternative beverage that could keep you happy without additives is Teeccino. It is a roasted roots and nuts concoction. They have several flavors including some that have bits of carob and dates and such. Teeccino Caffeine-Free Herbal Coffee
    It is full bodied like coffee and actually has a lot of good nutrients in it.

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    Loving your journal I'm just starting my primal journey and also am doing it for the health benefits. Also started a strength training program last week and I'm actually enjoying it, that was a surprise lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IronGirl View Post
    Since cutting out nuts and cream, weight is heading back in the right direction (227 on Friday, 226 yesterday, 225 today). We'll see how it goes as I continue to avoid these foods. I am still so sore from my Monday CrossFit workout, holy he!l. Muscles in my bach that I didn't even know existed are aching. Nice!
    Hooray for breaking a couple of barriers! Congratulations on making the not-so-small tweaks that are necessary to get things moving again. Your new tea sounds delicious and a fine alternative to the coffee.

    Reading about your CrossFit adventure has been very motivating. How are you doing on recovery days now? The combination of an incredible workout and camaraderie is so appealing. Looks as if the nearest Box is only an hour and 15 minutes from here. Think I'll stick with the home gym and daily walking for now.

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    Hey, IG! Where did you wander off to? I hope you are just insanely busy at work and too tired from xfit to bother with the forum. Check in when you have a minute.


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