I am starting this journal because I am coming to Primal from Atkins and really enjoyed the Atkins Diet Bulletin Board for support. When I first started my career I gained 70 lbs. and completely stopped working out. Three years ago I said enough and started to "diet," first with delivered pre-made foods, then with weight watchers, then Atkins. I went from about 270 lbs. to 225 lbs., but I've been plateaued for almost two years. After getting cancer--TWICE--last year, I started reading a lot of studies and books (Gary Taubes is one of my favorites), and all signs seemed to point to Primal/Paleo. So here I am, fully committed to starving my cancer cells and feeding my healthy cells. My most immediate goal is to get my waist circumference down below 35" because I understand that this visceral fat is one of my biggest health risk factors. But in the long term, I want to just be extremely healthy--I want to never have to be in the hospital again if there is any way I can possibly help it. Surgery sucks. Being sick sucks. Being healthy is awesome. And I want to see my muscles, which I used to be able to do when I was about 185 lbs., but I'm trying not to focus on the scale at all and instead focus on inches and muscles. It has not been that hard.

What is strange is how much I love to work out, yet how easily I let that slip away with the stress of my career. I had plenty of time to watch TV when I got home from work, but for some reason never understood that I could just as easily make time for exercise. Now I'm enrolled in a local CrossFit affiliate program, and I can't wait to see my strength increase. I also walk my dog twice a day now instead of paying someone else to do it. On the weekends, my husband and I hike and I'm going to incorporate sprints on those hikes (and on some of the dog walks--even shih tzus love to run!).

I've been eating Primal since Friday. I feel amazing in the sense that I am not obsessing about food in between meals. When mealtime comes, I eat protein and veggies cooked in fat, and that's that. It's amazing to have this huge mess of questions surrounding what to eat, how many calories, how often, answered with a simple: Eat meat, veggies and fat, and sometimes fruit, when you're hungry. That's it. So nice!

So that's it, welcome to my journal, I welcome you