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Thread: Need some advise ... this women might just be hormonal!

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    Need some advise ... this women might just be hormonal!

    I've been on the forum for a while, but had some health issues in the last past year... I'm going to try to make it short.

    Last year March 2012 I had to remove cyst on ovairy and end of February this year again (another 3) (seems like the previous Gyno didn't do a proper diagnosed (scan)) and they were big... Anyway since last year March I left my Pill (Melodene) and gained 20lbs in less that a year and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in the beginning of January 2012 - that has been sorted out and my thyroid was normal by September 2012 and still.

    I have been low/no carb for about 3 years and the last 6 months I've really been struggling with late night cravings, especially if I had a hard workout (right after dinner), exercise (muscle/energy weakness) and as soon as I add to much fat I gain weight. The best I can do at this stage is add fat once a day and still lose weight (at dinner to try to prevent the cravings). Any advise will be much appreciated. Also feel I might be consuming to much veggie (carbs) and protein, fruits are limited to 1/day, but might have to cut the dairy (cheese and yogurt) - want to lose 20lbs.

    I think my metabolism might be haywire/slowed down completely / hormonal stress (been on a low carb/NO FAT diet before the operation). I haven't been eating red meat since I was 12 years old (only fish/chicken and recently started adding eggs), had low bloodpressure and iron difficiency then and as soon as I consumed meat I felt sleepy, stopped it and blood pressure and iron were normal afterwards. I'm currently 33 years old and what can the impact of no meat be to my health/no weight loss be on Primal??

    How long does it take for you body to adjust to this Primal lifestyle - or is because I don't have to lose that much?
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