I remember the time when I was 16-17 (now 22,male) and never felt cold. I was wondered about the girls feeling cold all the time and I never had that problem.

Now, for about 3 years, I feel cold very fast. Of Course the temperatures are not nice now (0-5C in the West of Germany). But for me it feels like something is not right.

In the morning I sometimes dont want to move too much, because every movement feels "cold". Cannot describe it. I'm just cold. It feels terrible, like I'm "blocked". Especially in the car.

Maybe this is normal in the morning but of course this happens during the day, too.

The weird thing about this is, that I think I'm very warm outside! I can feel it.
Cannot really describe everything, like i want to, but I hope you know what I mean.

Maybe you felt like this too and something made it better?

Thanks and regards from Germany!