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Thread: Primal Journal: KSUBeks

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    Primal Journal: KSUBeks

    Today is my third day 100% primal and I'm feeling really good! Yesterday, I even had an unplanned 16 hour fast (from about 3 pm until 7 am this morning) because I just wasn't hungry. I've been walking about 1.5 miles a day and plan to start weight training tomorrow. I feel like a little grokling that needs my hand held a little bit until I'm comfortable with how this is all going to work, but I'm willing to give it time and try to relax a little bit. When you're on the Medifast train and used to losing fairly quickly, it's a scary adjustment to slow down and try something new and pray the weight doesn't pile back on. I just have to trust that this is the best thing for my body and a slow, steady weight loss is better in the long run.

    Breakfast: 2 bacon/egg muffins (1 slice bacon with a scrambled egg and pepper in the center and baked)

    Lunch: romaine lettuce sandwich wraps with 2 slices each of organic turkey and ham slices, 2 slices provolone, mayo and mustard, sliced tomatoes and a few slices red onion. Delish! Also about 2 cups worth of raw veggies including celery, baby carrots, mini bell peppers and grape tomatoes.

    Dinner: Chicken breast with asparagus sautéed in Kerrygold herbed butter. I also had some homemade guacamole, unsweeteend coconut flakes and some cocoa roast almonds as a snack.

    I love dairy (cheese, sour cream and cream) and eventually may eliminate it for a while if I find it hinders my weight loss. I didn't find any trouble with that while on Medifast as I'd frequently make a pizza crust just out of shredded cheese without any effects. I'm hoping it won't change while going primal.
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    Primal Journal: ksubeks

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