Hello everyone,

At the moment I really struggle with social interaction.. Mostly because of self confidence issues so even posting on a forum is difficult, sorry if I ramble on. I'm hoping once I feel better about my body I'll actually be able to talk to people.

Iíve started the strong lifts 5x5 from being a complete rookie and I have to say its nice to find something that I enjoy doing thats in the gym. I go to the gym early mornings before college and Iím in my second week now.
Those of you that arenít familiar with it, I do work out A and work out B on either a Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

Work out A
Squats 5 x 5
Bench Press 5 x 5
Barbell row 5 x 5

Work out B
Squat 5 5 x5
Overhead press 5 x 5
Dead lift 5 x 5

I increase the weight by 2.5kg in the next session if I successfully complete all five sets. (Apart from deadlifts which is increased by 5kg each time)

Straight after working out I have a diet whey protein shake (Double chocolate flavour) from Myprotein.com as I really struggle to eat enough food in general, let alone enough protein for the day. I thought this would be a good choice as I would need fibre and I donít eat enough vegetables due to not eating enough. However I have psoriasis and it has really picked up over the last month or so and I believe the oats could be making it worse? Maybe?

While trying to eat wisely I have not been able to shed pounds to make a difference in body composition. I would say Iím currently at 82kg (181lbs), 5í6 tall and around 29% body fat. Iím more concerned with body composition as I know that muscle mass weighs more than fat, however burning fat would be advantageous but itís hard to do that while lifting (From what Iíve been told).

Iím hoping eating the primal way will help me with this but do you have any tips on how I could take in more protein? Obviously eating more is the first step but any recipes or ideas on things that are reasonably quick to make as I donít have time to go home and cook something up before going to college.

Iíve read Markís quick and easy recipe guide and use some of the recipes within the book occasionally. I normally have mincemeat and veg or chicken and veg (The veg mainly being broccoli and carrots) for dinner and sometimes skip lunch as I am not hungry then or Iíve worked the night before and havenít been able to cook anything in time.

My daily routine looks like this unless itís the weekend where I can sleep the whole way during the night. I still go to the gym Tuesdays and Thursdays to spend around 20 minutes rowing in 2 minute splits so 20 mins rowing 20 mins break.

Getting another job is NOT an option due to college, however in the summer it will be easier to sleep.

6:30am Ė wake up
7:15am Ė work out
8:15/30am Ė protein shake
9am to 3pm Ė college
5:30pm Ė 9pm Ė sleep
10pm to 2am Ė work
2:30am Ė 6:30am Ė sleep

So my questions are:

Is rowing Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as weights TOO much for weight loss would press ups and body work be better (I dislike cardio a lot)? On the weekends I pretty much study and maybe go for a walk.

Is there anything I could make for post work out/breakfast that has the same amount of protein as a shake but takes about the same effort or should I keep the whey protein but stick to isolate rather than the oaty stuff?

Should I include carbs like sweet potatoes and white potatoes in my diet on workout days?

What should I do after stronglifts 12 weekís program?

Thank you for your time, sorry about the n00b questions.