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Thread: Started lifting but cannot make protein intake, Ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cwick View Post
    PWO carbs for someone that is 20+% BF? Horrible advice, whole point of PWO carbs is to restore glycogen and raising insulin to push protein to muscle 20% you have PLENTY of glycogen...keep working hard, when you begin to see sig results then you can start to "over think" things...for now eat lean, eat primal, work hard and you will see results
    ...bodyfat cannot be converted to glycogen. I agree with yodiewan, carbs PWO could be beneficial. Give it a shot.

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    I think everything shared is spot on. The only thoughts I would add are- "lift weights to get stronger, lift weights faster for cardio" ~author unknown. Also Make sure to shorten breaks between sets and changing to new lifts, keep your heart rate up to insure calories burned are maxed. The other equation is time spent X days, weeks, and months = results
    Raise grass fed bison all natural. trying to gage this comunity to see if their is any intrest?

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    If you're eating primal you shouldn't have much of a problem reaching your protein needs, especially with your added shake. Just eat clean and keep training. Give it time, you'll see results.

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