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    8 eggs a day. Too much?

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    Bread; dough; wheat; cereal; oats; used to be the staple of my diet. Eggs are now my basic food; and I find I'm eating 4 for breakfast; and perhaps another 4 for dinner. Up to 8 a day. Feeling great; and of course love eggs.
    Still spooked about taking in that much cholesterol; these fears are burned deep into my psyche. Do I have anything to worry about? (Lost a ton of weight on Paleo...)

    [Yep; cage free eggs; varied diet; lots of greens; veggies.....olives bell peppers fish fish fish; salmon; sardines; almonds, walnuts]
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    We have been made afraid by portion sizes.
    Your body will tell you when you've ha nough of healthy food
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    Provided you still have a varied diet, I doubt you can eat too many eggs.

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    I stumbled upon this article yesterday and it mirrors some of the advice in the Primal Blueprint:
    Nutrition Debate: Are Eggs Good For You? | LIVESTRONG.COM

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    Cholesterol in food does not translate to high cholesterol. It's the trans fats you gotta watch out for. Enjoy your eggs.
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    The more you eat, the more you need to make sure they're quality sourced.

    If you're eating eggs from chickens who live outdoors, eat bugs, and aren't fed soy and corn then you should eat them to satiety. If you're eating conventional eggs, you may want to limit intake somewhat.

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    ^^ this^^.

    are you consuming other protein foods though?

    i eat eggs almost everyday, but fish, meat and offal too.
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    Don't worry about eggs raising your cholesterol. However, if you're not careful, eating eggs EVERY day can lead to an egg sensitivity. Try switching them out with other protein sources every few days.

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    Something similar to above question, my body is struggeling to ge used to adding the amount of fat (only once a day at this stage - dinner olive oil or butter), would it be wise to up my amount of protein (like eggs with yolks/chicken with skin/Salmon - do not eat meat since I was 12 years old - 33 now) and then slowly add more fat (were on very lean/low protein diet, low carb/No fat diet for about 4 years) My metabolism feels screwed up - feel so much better eating Primal, but I'm gaining weight instead of losing my last 20lbs...
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