There are plenty of step-by-step guides as to what to do in the gym, but I wonder, if a woman's goal is simply a "lean" physique ( la Jennifer Lawrence in "Silver Lining Playbook"), could she simply do the Primal Essential Movements and kettlebell swings, and do some HIIT a few times a week? It's not like I'm worried about "bulking up," but rather that I don't really have interest cultivating a weight-lifting routine.

Or, would you argue that having at least somewhat of a structured strength-gaining regime is necessary to leaning out, coupled with HIIT?

I'm a 6'0 tall female, almost 19-year-old currently eating pretty low carb (50-70/day), and I'd like to lose around 30 lbs (slightly overweight by BMI measurement). I have an athletic build, but I definitely don't want to become skinny-fat, even if I were to lose that weight. I must say Jennifer Lawrence has the athletic, lean look that I'm striving for:

Jennifer Lawrence Workout Routine Diet Plan - Healthy Celeb
(Scroll down just a bit to see)

Thanks so much, Primal veterans!