Hi there,

I'm new to Primal living - I have read Mark's book (the first one) and also purchased the 21 day transformation and am reading that right now. I have read/started to read some other primal/paleo books. I totally identify with the theme behind Primal living. Even though I don't think I am severely gluten intolerant, I know that I feel better on days I avoid grains ...

However, it is proving VERY difficult for me to give up grains and sweets. I do not have the worst diet out there, but I definitely don't have the best. My diet consists of what America "thinks" is healthy, mixed in w/ a weakness for Cherry Coke. I started working out at the end of last year and I have really come to love my nightly workouts. I don't want to give them up and they are definitely intense. Do I have to give them up in order to truly follow a Primal lifestyle?

My main question is this though: when you first started, how did you overcome the cravings/socialization to eat the grains/carbs/sugars? I truly want to make the transition but it's like, internally, my brain and body are not communicating! I have read so much about primal lifestyles and paleo dieting and the concepts behind it and in my deepest depths of my soul I truly feel that it is what my body needs. I just can't seem to overcome the cravings and desire to eat the grains/sugars. Any advice?

PS: A few additional pieces of info: I am 24 y/o female - 5'5 and 165 lbs. The workouts I do are DVDs, a mix of step aerobics, body weight exercises, free weight exercises, and I have also started incorporating walking my dog on the weekends for 1+ hr and have requested a standing desk at work so now I can stand all day long instead of sitting.