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My main question is this though: when you first started, how did you overcome the cravings/socialization to eat the grains/carbs/sugars? I truly want to make the transition but it's like, internally, my brain and body are not communicating! I have read so much about primal lifestyles and paleo dieting and the concepts behind it and in my deepest depths of my soul I truly feel that it is what my body needs. I just can't seem to overcome the cravings and desire to eat the grains/sugars. Any advice?
Are you sure grains/carbs/sugars are all the same to you? I might have said yes before I started giving them up, but as I started weaning myself, it was clear that they were *not* all the same. I loved wheat! If I had a choice between ice cream and cake, I wanted cake. As I pushed myself, I realized that if I had a choice between ice cream and a bread and butter sandwich, bread and butter won. I sometimes want a little something sweet, but one piece of fruit, or a cup of tea with 2tsp honey in it really hits the spot. So many of my binge foods were wheat+sugar that I never really separated them in my mind until I was pretty primal.