Okay, I have a question for you science folk to ponder.

I listened to a podcast today, Jimmy Moore's LLVLC, in which he was speaking of his experience with hypoglycemia after a long stint of a VLC WOE. His postprandial glucose was lower than his fasting blood glucose despite ingesting VLC meals.

This made me begin to make connections in my head, not answers, but connections. I next thought of another podcast I had listened to a couple weeks back, "The Fat Burning Man" featuring host Abel James and Paul Jaminet, author of The Perfect Health Diet (PHD). Jaminet stated (I am going off memory) something along the lines of it being necessary to stimulate insulin so that your cells remain sensitive and know how to deal with glucose.

And this brought me to my question, could VLC eating lead to hypoglycemia because the gluconeogenesis derived glucose causes the glucose spike in your blood, but your body, over time, doesn't know how to deal with the glucose? I understand the flaw in this question: protein intake will always lead to gluconeogenesis and raised blood glucose and thus insulin secretion. Yet, I am just curious if the body becomes deficient in its ability to deal with blood sugar spikes from gluconeogenesis due to VLC eating over time?

What are your thoughts?